Bhatt Electronics is a manufacturer of PCB, Labels and Membrane Keyboard.

As one of the knows Printed Circuit Board ( PCB) manufacturer, Bhatt Electronics has been offering Quality PCB Prototypes to Bulk Quantities in given Specified time. We provide PCB fabrication in Single Layers PCB, Double Layers PCB, PTH PCB, Flexible PCB and Aluminium Clade PCB in different materials like FR1, CEM1, FR4, etc.

Bhatt Electronics supply Labels and Graphic Overlays of different Materials and substrate like Polycarbonate, Polyester, Vinyl and Other used in all products and Industries. Manufactured with different processes including Commercial Screen and Digital Printing, we also provide option of Adhesives, Embossing, Matt or Gloss Finish, etc.

Membrane Keyboards also known as Membrane Keypads, we provided with different types of Customized Membrane Keypads as per customer requirement. We supply Membrane Keyboard to fields like Industrial, Medical, Automation, etc.

  • Rigid or PCB Membrane Keypads.
  • Flexible Keypads.
  • Touch Membrane Keypads.
  • We Manufacturer Control Boards and Touch Keypads .
  • Ophthalmic Chair Control Board Doctor Model.
  • Ophthalmic Chair Control Board Optical Model.
  • Ophthalmic Chair Control Board Vision Drum.
  • Dental Chair Control Board.
  • Touch Control Board.

Established in 1984 over the years we are supplier of different type of Printed Circuit Board, Single Side PCB, Double side PCB, Flexible PCB, Labels, Self Adhesive Labels and Stickers, Vinyl, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Screen Printing, Membrane Keyboard, Rigid and Flexible keyboard and many more associated products and accessories.

Bhatt Electronics has designed its own workflow for PCB, Labels and Membrane Keyboard utilizing automatic and semi-automatic machinery from Prototype low volume production to high volume production.